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Inkshed Radio Play
Listen to my radio play on Inkshedding. Part of an E-book I'm working on.
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Learning To Inkshed:  Learning to Belong
An essay from 2004 about first Inkshedding experiences.
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Inkshed: History as Context
A reprint of my presentation at the spring 2006 Inkshed conference
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Hot off the presses!

Here is some downloadable material from my presentations with Sherry Blok and Mary Lee Wholey at TESOL 2008:

Download and print our TESOL 2008 handout
» PDF File (20 KB)

View our power point presentation Classroom Community Through Collaborative Writing Practices
» Power Point (71 KB)

View our power point presentation Creating and Maintaining A Classroom Community through Writing online
» Power Point (180 KB)

Favorite Quotes...

The painter takes the sun and turns it into a yellow dot.  The artist takes a yellow dot and turns it into the sun.
Pablo Picasso

Reality is not what it is.  It consists of the many realities which it can be made into.
Wallace Stevens


Welcome to my website

Miriam Horne & kidsAfter a number of people used Google to find me in the past year, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. As someone who, as a researcher and teacher of writing, embraces any kind of text that generates engagement, I decided to make my own contribution to the ever-growing electronic conversation. So for those from my past who just want to see what has happened to me, you can see from the photo that I’ve become a proud mother of three. If you want more information than that, check out my contact information and send me a note.

If you’re more interested in my professional work, check out my publications and works in progress to see the research I’m currently involved in. Or, check out my teaching philosophy to see how I integrate the theories I explore in my research in my classrooms. If you have no idea how you ended up at my website, I’ll summarize my life experience by saying I’m a passionate mother and teacher. My primary interest, outside my family, is in facilitating student writing. My current research works on this by exploring the ways that learning to write facilitates membership in the communities doing the writing (for more on this, see my works in progress). On any issue, feel free to contact me.

Miriam Horne, 2007

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